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Who We Are

Project Kobo K.K. offers services in two distinct businesses. One is an English/Japanese bi-lingual research support services in Japan, and another is popular Japanese music visual production. For each industry, we are a part of a community comprised of specialists excelling at what we do.

Research Support Services

We offer appropriate guidance according to the needs of non-Japanese researchers at all levels seeking to understand the Japanese users and consumers. Our origin is in organizational worker behavior and workplace environment usage research and design. We discovered that the research methodology was transferable to consumer insights and behavior research. With our ability to see Japan from outsider’s vantage point, our business gradually migrated to supporting Western researchers to understand Japanese consumers.


Akiko Nakajima, Interpreter
Asmarq Marketing Research K.K.
Brian McMahon, Segment International
Cando Inc.
Chiho Sasaki, Infield Design Lim­ited
Naoko Okuizumi, Independent researcher specializing in interview moderation

Popular Japanese Music Performance Visual Production

We produce promotional videos for popular Japanese music for entertainment companies. For the past two years, we had the priviledge to produce concert projection mapping using the latest 3D effects for prominent Japanese artists.  Please check out Shinji Suda, our CEO’s Twitter for the activity updates.


A number of entertainment companies

Corporate Information

Corporate Name: Project Kobo K.K.
Chief Executive Officer and  Visual Production Business Director: Shinji Suda
Founder and Research Business Director: Fujiko Suda
Founded: September 2006
Address: Vella Heights Akasaka #404, 8-7-10 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052 Japan
Contact: hello@projectkobo.com

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