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Who We Are

Project Kobo K.K. is an English/Japanese bi-lingual research support services company specializing in helping Americans, Europeans, Australians and New Zeelanders conduct research in Japan.  We are a community comprised of specialists excelling at what we do: coordinating, recruiting, moderating, translating, and reporting. We offer appropriate guidance according to the needs of non-Japanese researchers at all levels seeking to understand the Japanese users and consumers. Our origin is in organizational worker behavior and workplace environment usage research and design, but we found that the research methodology was transferable to consumer insights and behaviors research.  With our ability to see Japan from outsider’s vantage point, gradually, our business migrated to support the Western researchers understand Japanese consumers. Although we more than ever understand the organizational behavior in Japan to offer valuable insights for workplace research or change management, with the unique core of Japanese/English bi-lingual, bi-cultural ability, most of our projects are currently for understanding the consumers.

Com­pany Information

Name Project Kobo K.K.
Principal: Fujiko Suda
Founded: September 2006
Postal Address: 4-17-40 Kotesashi-cho, Tokorozawa, Saitama 359-1141 Japan
Contact: hello@projectkobo.com


Akiko Nakajima, Interpreter
Asmarq Marketing Research K.K.
Brian McMahon, Segment International
Cando Inc.
Chiho Sasaki, Infield Design Lim­ited
Naoko Okuizumi, Independent researcher specializing in interview moderation

Fujiko Suda:

2010 – Now  Global Company Product / Service Design phase

■Marketing research Japan partner

Japanese-English consecutive and simultaneous translation
Interview moderation
Behavioral culture guide
Interview respondent recruitment
Marketing research fieldwork project management, coordination
Marketing research plan and execution

■Video ethnography support


■Past and present clients

・Accenture       ・Antenna Asia
・Fukusuke        ・Gemic
・Hitachi High Technologies
・Idea Couture  ・IDEO             ・Intel  ・Methos
・Naked Communications          ・Packard Foundation
・Philips  ・Red Associates      ・Sailors for the Sea
・Veryday and many others

1991 – 2009 Global Company Workplace/Work Style Design Phase

■Literature, magazine appearance for workplace consulting work

2009 September Next Generation Office Research Center 『Dream Of Office』
2009 June Nikkei BP 『Design Research Method 10』
2008 November Shoten Kenchiku Magazine
2006 August Shoten Kenchiku Magazine
2004 April issue Nikkei Architecture Magazine
2004 April Konno, Noboru,『Creative Management Strategy』

■Awards for workplace consulting work

Nikkei New Office Award

Promotion Division

Accenture Minato Mirai office

early phase research

Nikkei New Office Award

Creative Office Division

Hitachi Manufacture Design HQ early phase research

2007 JFMA Award Accenture team
2005 Nikkei New Office Award Hitachi High Technologies Naka Division team
2002 Nikkei New Office Award Fuji Xerox KDI team


Lectures and seminars on business critical functions as workplace communication, environment, sustainability, and change management at various major companies and events


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